Snipers Alley

Richard G Chamberlain Snipers Alley

Picked off the trees one afternoon buxom and chuffed. Whirlpool vortex ahead. Whilst orneryting across the urges tasting which frequencies were which until tempo house ejection and now out on the heath. Dust down the road as wheels spun.

Tracks Time
Interception witch hunts 6:12
Leaving the city at a pace 4:11
Recollections located 7:06
Investment in loss 4:16
Scrubbed forward 3:35
I'm sure I'm 1:59

Release Date



Lancaster and Berkhamsted 2015


Fact Flight OV Instruments

Aria Pro II Thor Sound, MicroKorg, Arturia Beatstep, Adrenalinn III, Volca Beats, Marshall Reflector, EHX Black Finger, Pigtronix Philosopher King, Moody Sounds Baby Box, Boomerang III, Tascam DR-50, Shure SM-48, Andromeda Space Rocker III, Gristelism.