Signal Dropout Radio Single

Richard G Chamberlain Anautomalbun

Bedeviled by creeping screen-culture memory-chic creep and the depths to which the winter sun sunk, Signal Dropout Radio Single is a freeze frame of an haphazardly taped together unfunkedathonic misladen motive movement with spades of earth shattering gunk and lifted sequence missives from the IVth house intrepidations. Made whilst in sideways glance and instanced with trance booleans this minted pulse of deeper emotional gambits seeped out practically alone in the room where bitchin crutches betrayed a vocal melody line.

Tracks Time
Single Drop Out 7:33
Lowlight Value 3:12
Emergency Fail Pin 9:37
Audio Compress 1.1 5:37
Radio Crone 7:20
Ban the Horizon 6:22
Package Barrier Caravan 5:04
Polt Carrier Wave 3:41

Release Date



Lancaster 2014


Fact Flight OV Instruments

Aria Pro II Thor Sound, MicroKorg, Arturia Beatstep, Adrenalinn III, Volca Beats, Marshall Reflector, EHX Black Finger, Pigtronix Philosopher King, Moody Sounds Baby Box, Boomerang III, Tascam DR-50, Shure SM-48, Andromeda Space Rocker III.