Searches Untowards

Richard G Chamberlain Searches Untowards

See you on the flip side Soul change Bring it down DINV Programming Pregnant Seas Distant Dog Watch no good sitting around DINV Refusal of Admission Failing Kinship Burnt Wand Eyewash Little groblins the switch DINV I don't want to fight The whistling wind Penny Drop My sister Going backwards DINV the switch Crystal Thickets The Tamar The Lancashire Whisperers DINV Holo Reels A voice speaks Auctions of the Irrationally Disappointed A special formula Dunces Hat Singing down by the seaside Out in the Sun Open Cathedral Wont be coming round your place anytime soon Senimental Crap

Tracks Time
Side A 27:51
Side B 28:21

Release Date



Penwith 2007


Searches Untowards Instruments

Gordon Smith GS2, Searust Treated Junior Drumset, Selmer Treble and Bass 50W Reverb, Crowther Audio Hotcake, Crybaby Wah, Boss Looper.