Outpost Stations

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Imagine floating in space, it's really easy, relaxing almost. But the inside space, that's where you got your own take on the grifting nomanclature that only makes sense to you and all the other moments of your type. When you're in on your own and you haven't had a communication for months nay years and the memories fill the void, that's when the vastness of the whole enterprise reeks its vivid starkness to all but the torpid frequency evaluations. Holding the place in the space and pitching up with beacons a-pulsing for the benefit of the narrative arc.

Tracks Time
Station 2:51
Codec 4:04
Nodal 6:13
Point 3:17
Subversion 1:31
Arc 5:10
Sphere 5:34
Narrative 3:55
Outpost 4:14
Inside 5:18
Formulation 3:02
Other 7:44
Frequency 1:26
Cycle 0:44
Return 5:42
Aspect 1:13
Directed 2:37

Release Date



Lancaster 2014


Outpost richard-g-chamberlain-outpoststations Instruments

Aria Pro II Thor Sound, MicroKorg, Arturia Beatstep, Adrenalinn III, Volca Beats, Marshal Reflector, EHX Black Finger, Pigtronix Philosopher King, Moody Sounds Baby Box, Boomerang III, Tascam DR-50, Shure SM-48, Andromeda Space Rocker III.