FacT Flight OV

Richard G Chamberlain Anautomalbun

Scramjet improvisation and taped moments splice majestic. Interactioned foodstuffs at a broken time with guidance for spillage across discreet storylines. Reduction to retro-futurist machination tools at moments of crisis put in place for reminders once this passes into distance.

Tracks Time
Preternatural Jump Laden 6:43
The Freeze Nordy 3:41
The Sterner Foolinger 2:51
Leafing Interspersed with Ferrachi nonsense 4:40
Scree Run 4:35
Taken To Path With Shut 3:45
reWrite and free 4:31
Under the Stars 8:46
Gisburn Way 4:49
Shared and Enjoyed 5:56
Preparations for Next Event 0:57
Smattering of Shove 0:56
Instigate Remove Thyself 2:35
The Disentangle Treads 4:58
Faster movements yon teach 4:04
Ends of cycle with movement of house 4:30
Maine Refurb 3:08

Release Date



Lancaster 2015


Fact Flight OV Instruments

Aria Pro II Thor Sound, MicroKorg, Arturia Beatstep, Adrenalinn III, Volca Beats, Marshal Reflector, EHX Black Finger, Pigtronix Philosopher King, Moody Sounds Baby Box, Boomerang III, Tascam DR-50, Shure SM-48, Andromeda Space Rocker III.