Enlightened Once

Richard G Chamberlain Enlightened Once

Crash crash crash went the stockbroker belt while we were asleep in the air at 20,000 ft, missed the day and woke up in dry arid Californian cities and a date at the Great American Music Hall. Nope, it doesn't and yes, we can. Avoiding the way home, drifting on a leg swatch, a big bag of complimentary bud and a ticket to stay put for a bit, with just enough time to lay down the interest rates. 10 or maybe 11 or 12 snazzy intrepidations stretching through a few stylistic gambits. This whole slew gets you moving and grooving when taken in by Mary J with some mandatory sideways slides through the invigilation portals. Which way now?

Tracks Time
Formulaic Breeding 2:13
South 8:45
East 6:29
Tonsured Monk 6:09
Way of Blame 4:00
BeBe 5:59
Binn in far 2:46
West 8:55
Nether Kellet 3:24
North 7:56

Release Date



San Francisco 2008


Enlightened Once Instruments

Gordon Smith GS2, Crowther Audio Hotcake, Ableton, Roland Juno 6, Floor Tom, Snare, Tambourine, Amp Modeler