As I was passing the tea...

Richard G Chamberlain As I was passing the tea...

The end of the world is nigh and the portastudio refresher course was in full swing those heady last days before the 2nd to last future predictions had failed to pass. The New Flood had yet to happen and Britpop was still the ipso facto media priest insignia default for most. Richard G Chamberlain wasn't even a thing yet. This album was recorded between the involvement in two bands, Dry Green (Housden, English) and The Pier Group (Garrigan, Morley, McCabe), and the bad choice non-career-moving drew us down the road to the end of the road and not to London nor Liverpool nor Mars. The Modern Antiquarian had just been published when the first of these tracks was recorded and it confirmed a whole slew of already intuited numpty parameters. There's nothing professional about this collection of tracks and it's a desperate scraping together of 4-track cassette tape recordings that survived the 1st Purge of the Object Manifest.

Tracks Time
You're such a fantastic woman 3:48
New Sunrise 3:28
Mountain Waves 4:11
Moon on my rug / Chocolate Jam doughnut 7:41
I kept my half in my hands 5:11
Wood Hair 4:12
Grateful (strike through) 2:08
Vintage Nob Cheese 6:47/td>
This Thing 3:43
Feature 5:52
Now I'm Home I Can Casually Toss This Off 4:33
Mounting Volumes 5:30
Winter Kicks In 4:38
Going Real Easy Love 5:23

Release Date



Lancaster and Penzance 1999 - 2001


Fact Flight OV Instruments

Hagstrom Futurama III, Carlsbro Amp, Boss Delay, Korg Poly 600, Roland TR-606, Tascam Portastudio.