Richard G Chamberlain Anautomalbun

Life on the road but stuck at the end of a sock right after the eclipse that activates the grand cross and sent the spinning chuck right out of the polarity subterfuge. A direct decendent, whether you like it or not, of changing love forever with two acoustic guitars and a voice and a drum before having to resort to the new age healing shop of work. How did we miss so badly?

Tracks Time
Remember (Her)? 3:42
Screen A Fig 4:11
Cut The Sign 5:19
Others Out 4:18
Hold The Heart In 5:14
Prontaprint Visited 5:54
Sphere 5:34
Plenty Of Room Inside 3:46
Earth Listening Appliance 5:52

Release Date



Penzance 2000


Richard G Chamberlain Carn Euny

The cheapest Yamaha acoustic guitar you can buy, unbranded 4th hand microphone, bust portastudio, hofner harmonica, hippy bongos, Hagstrom Futurama 2, Boss Delay.